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Lee180 Consulting Co. specializes in providing enhanced SAP solutions for Treasury Cash Management processes beyond SAP standard functionality.  Surveys of top corporations reveal the #1 and #2 priorities of Treasury are (1) to ensure company liquidity and (2) to minimize financing costs.  Our methods can transform your SAP system into a state-of-the-art cash management workstation with virtually no additional costs beyond the purchase of the basic SAP Treasury and Cash Management modules.  Reap the benefits of best practices such as cash pooling and affiliate netting without adding expensive specialized modules requiring extra configuration and computing resources.  Lee180 Consulting solutions reduce day-to-day cash management tasks, minimize system complexity, and are easily adaptable with all versions of SAP Treasury.  Protect and maximize your SAP investment with the following business benefits:

Enhanced Cash Management Benefits

  • Implement a regional/global cash pooling process to:
    • Minimize foreign exchange and hedging transactions.
    • Reduce affiliate transaction costs with a single month-end cash settlement transaction per affiliate.
    • Optimize cash and multi-currency needs across affiliates in different countries.
    • Reduce short-term borrowing costs.
  • Reconcile automated daily zero-balancing and cash sweeping of bank accounts (i.e. cash concentration) only at month-end.
  • Create a centralized and automated payment process to reduce bank accounts, operational costs, and processing errors.
  • Warehouse payments to alleviate disaster recovery procedures.

Additional Consulting and SAP Configuration Services:

  • In-House Cash module implementation; SAP's primary in-house banking solution.
  • Accounts payable and treasury payment programs including automating the configuration of new bank accounts.
  • Bank reconciliation
    • Electronic bank statement
    • Lockbox
    • Check Deposit
  • Affiliate (inter-company) accounting
  • Cash concentration
  • Cash position and liquidity forecast reporting
  • Foreign exchange
  • Money market -- fixed-term deposits, deposit at notice, commercial paper
  • Vendor, customer, and business partner setup
  • EDI interfacing with banks and other third-party systems.
  • Accommodate on-site Treasury configuration training during implementations.

To learn more on cash pooling and how it integrates into a cash management operation, click on the Cash Pool Model link.

Contact us to schedule a free one-hour phone consultation and the possibility of implementing enhanced cash management features on your SAP system.